Spending time with Students

In the house

  • Look at family photographs; talk about how holidays are celebrated here and there. Look at pictures that they may have brought from home. Take pictures of them and create a little memory book of their stay.
  • Pets? Feed them, brush them, take them for a walk, do they have pets in their home?
  • Cook together: try recipes from their country. Let them shop with you and then help to prepare it. Try making poutine. Go berry picking and make jam.
  • Make cookies for lunches.
  • Read a short book or story in English together. Rent a movie and watch it together. Play board games, scrabble, and monopoly,

In the garden and in the neighborhood:

  • Water the garden, and pick vegetables or fruit. Plant a flower, bush or plant of some kind to remember the visit.
  • Walk around the neighborhood. Take them to the local soccer pitch, basketball court, swimming pool, or fitness trail. Introduce them to kids in the neighborhood involved in these activities and others.
  • Go to a neighborhood garage sale, many countries dont have them and it is amazing what treasures you will find.
  • Go to the local park after dark and take a star map and a flashlight. How many constellations can you find? The North Star? The big dipper?
  • Many neighborhoods have concerts in local parks. Go to one.

In or around the City

  • Go to a beach, lake or river.

In Ottawa, try the beach at Mooneys Bay, Petrie Island, Westboro Beach or Britannia.

  • Take a picnic. Take breadcrumbs for ducks and geese.
  • Go for a bike ride.
  • Visit and hike the nature trails.
  • Go to a country Fair.
  • If you’re in a capital city, go to Parliament/Legislative Buildings... at night. See the sound and light production.
  • Take your student bowling or go-carting with neighborhood children.
  • Visit museums
  • Visit the Art Gallery, markets, farms, mazes, historical houses.
  • Check out plays in local theatres.

Out of Town

  • It depends on where you live... but be bold! Drive for an hour or two and see how much you can take in.. in only a few hours, you can have quite an adventure together.