When your student asks for permission for a sleepover at a friend’s home, we would like you first to ascertain whether the home is one qualified by CHN. (You may do this by consulting a CHN Student and Host List provided for the purpose or by calling us.)

CHN-Approved Homes

Once you’ve confirmed that the sleepover is in a CHN-approved home, you may approve the request, but we encourage you first to call the CHN “sleepover host” to thank them for the invitation (and confirm it was extended), and to provide them with your contact information in the event of an emergency.

You are not obliged to agree to every sleepover request you receive. However, please evaluate each opportunity as you would do for one of your own children. Reasons not to approve a request might include:

  • Recent ill-health or absences from school;
  • The need to catch up on academic work;
  • A planned family excursion or activity which was planned to include your student; or
  • An inability to reach the “CHI sleepover host” in advance.

If you decide that the sleepover is a good opportunity for your student to socialize with another student, please call or email your CHN Relationship Manager to let them know your student will not be sleeping at home; CHN is obligated to know where students are overnight in the event that there is an emergency overseas and we must locate them.

Homes Outside the CHN Network

If the requested sleepover location is not a CHN-approved Homestay, then only the natural family may approve it, and this approval must be expressed on CHN’s Activity Authorization Form and received by CHN no later than 4:30 pm on the day of the sleepover. Please be advised, if CHN is asked to obtain the necessary permissions, we can not promise that the student can go to the sleepover if received on the same day. It is best to notify CHN at least a few days in advance, in some cases up to one week.

We do encourage you to take part in this process as well, however. Before you or your student forwards the completed form to the natural parents for signature, we ask that you call the non-CHN “sleepover family” to introduce yourself, confirm that the invitation has been extended and there will be supervision, and ask for the contact details that will need to appear on the Travel Permission Form. Once you have done this, then the completed form may be emailed to your student’s natural parents for their signature and returned to CHN by the deadline noted above.

Should your student tell you that the non-CHN family he or she would like to stay with does not speak English, please just provide us with their name, address and telephone numbers and we will have a same-language colleague make the call. Clearly, these steps will take time, and so sleepovers, whether in CHN-approved homestays or otherwise, will require some advance planning.

Thank you!

New hosts with whom we have discussed these steps have been relieved to know that there is a way for them to be well informed about their student’s safety and well-being; it is also a way to forge mutually supportive relationships with other host families your student may see from time to time.

If you have any questions about any of the above, please let us know. It is our pleasure to support you and your student.