Skipping School and Tardiness

From time to time, students will choose to skip classes. A mental health day once or twice a semester may be tolerated if your student is doing well; much more than that is seriously inadvisable. The Student Participation Agreement counsels daily attendance, nothing less.

It is sometimes the case that when a call is received from the school to give notice of an absence, the student involved insists they were in class. We have experienced a number of situations where this was so and the call had been made in error.

If these calls continue, however, we are asking hosts to follow up themselves with staff at school to either correct the mistake or determine whether classes ARE indeed being missed.

Information on attendance is also available from teachers at the Parent/Teacher Interviews or from the Guidance Counselors in Student Services, who are available by phone. Accurate information is a call away.

Please let your student know that you consider daily attendance important, as do we, and CALL US should your student have a growing number of unjustified absences.
Thank you.