Parent Teacher Interviews

The season for Parent Teacher Interviews is upon us.

Please check your students agenda for the date and time, and remind your student to bring home the appointment sheet. They may NOT do this without SERIOUS PROMPTING.

It is important that you check in with your student’s teachers so that they know who you are, and so you can ensure that your student is doing well and has the support that she or he needs.

For those who are struggling with a subject there is still time to improve. More structured homework time, assistance with limiting computer access, or formal tutoring are all strategies that can contribute to improved performance.

For those who are not able to attend, please contact your students teachers for telephone interviews or an email exchange. Information on how to contact your students teachers is available from the schools website.

If any of your students teachers suggests that a tutor might be helpful, please call or email us so we might contact your students agent to discuss authorization and payment. If you are unsuccessful in identifying a suitable tutor after speaking to Student Services at your students school, please let us know.