Life with your Student

The following documents pertain to life with your student throughout the year and also to evaluate the experience with your student(s).

Find more information about the Homestay Expectations here: Homestay_Expectations_Guidelines1.6.doc

Great tips for welcoming your student can be found here: Welcoming_Your_Student_10.1.pdf

We call a few times a year for check-ins. These are some of the questions we may ask: Host_Check-In_Questionnaire_10.1.pdf

Evaluate your hosting experience and let us know how you have enjoyed it: Host_Evaluation_10.6.pdf

Adjusting to Canadian weather

As a newcomer, students may not fully understand the temperature changes in Canada. As a host, please make sure you inform your student about the importance of clothing during the seasons. Be sure to explain that, during the winter months, students must wear waterproof and insulated winter boots. In addition, please make sure that students have all required clothing articles.

Here are a few example:

Winter: hats, mittens, scarves, boots, high socks, layering clothing, winter coat, snow pants
Spring/ Fall: sneakers, jackets, sweaters, socks, proper sandals

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