Important Documents

If you are looking for important forms and documents, then you have come to the right place!

You have likely received most of these documents at some time, either during your host interview or throughout the years of hosting. But for those times you need a refresher, or need to find a document quickly, we have tried to collect all of the important forms you could need throughout the year into one place. Navigate through the categories below to find more information and download the documents.

Activities, Travel and Sleepovers

Will your student be staying overnight somewhere other than your home? Visit here to find out more information on requirements and expectations.

Host Guide

For a full version of our host guide, outlining expectations, tips and information about hosting - please visit this link.

Interview Kit

Here are some of the important documents given out at each host interview. These are also great to review from time to time.

Life with your Student

Click here for documents pertaining to daily life with your student.