We ask our hosts in the AYP programs (Academic Year Program) to provide three meals and two healthy snacks. The types of meals offered may vary, especially if you are hosting college or university students. Please speak with your local RM if you are unsure of our expectations.

Some things to consider:

Talk with your student about their preferences and discuss what you like to prepare. Review mealtimes and the protocol for letting you know, if they will not be coming home for dinner. This is especially important to explain to your student at the beginning of their stay.

Discuss your family’s routines around breakfast and lunch and your expectations around their role in preparing these meals. Take them shopping so you have an idea of what they prefer for breakfast and lunches and make these meals together at the beginning. The students will not be comfortable at first exploring your fridge and cupboards, but encourage them.

If you are lucky enough to host someone who loves to cook, you may have opportunities to cook together, which is always a great deal of fun.

Please remember how important food is to our physical and mental well-being and piece of mind; in situations where we have very little control and we are a bit out of our depth, food can have the power to comfort or dismay. It is very helpful to your student, if they have some measure of influence on what is available for them to eat and if there is a bit of an open fridge policy. Take them shopping both to your regular grocery store and to a market for food that is familiar to them.