Please find the answers to some of your frequently asked questions, separated into categories for convenience. Please contact your local RM if you are not able to find the answers to your questions on your new Host Wiki, and we would be happy to help.

General Questions about Hosting:

Where can I find a copy of the Host Guide?
  • You can find our host guide in the Important Documents section of the Host Wiki, along with other documents you may find interesting.
Where can I update my Host Profile?
  • You can update your Host Profile on the Host Portal. You will need a login name and password to log in to the Portal. Read more about updating your Host Profile in our Important Reminders section.
We haven’t had students in a while. Do you still have us on file?
  • CHN takes great pride in making the best matches possible, for both the host and student. We are constantly looking for hosts, as the needs and wishes of our students are ever-changing. If you have not had a student for a while, it is possible that we haven’t found a student who fits you and your family’s preferences or location. Feel free to keep in touch with your RM once or twice a year, to remind us that you are still interested. Otherwise, we will contact you if we find a perfect match!
Is my host allowance taxable?
  • Please read through the Host_FAQ_Taxes.pdf. If you have any questions, please contact us.
I haven’t been paid this month. Who can I contact and what has happened?
  • Sometimes there can be a delay in payments, and we do apologize for this inconvenience. Please let your RM know if you have not received your payment and we will look into it for you.

Questions Regarding Students:

My student wants to travel somewhere overnight. Do we need to fill out a form?
  • Please visit our Activities section for more information on overnight stays anywhere but your home.
What should I do if my student has been skipping school or is often late to class?
  • First of all, please let your RM know if this is becoming a habit! The sooner we know about it, the sooner we can see what is going on and hopefully fix the situation. Go to our Supervision section of the Host Wiki to find out more information on how to “supervise” your student’s school and social life.
How do I deal with my student being on the Internet all day?
  • Please contact your RM if you are concerned about the student spending too much time on the Internet, especially if it is affection their education or integration into your family. Visit our Internet section for more information.
The student has lost something, what do I do? What happens if we have an emergency situation after hours, for example our student has not come home, or they hurt themselves?
  • CHN offers 24-hour emergency support across the country. Please dial 1-877-441-4443 ext. 1 for our emergency line. Please note that this number is for true emergencies ONLY. Our emergency on-call team will not be able to answer questions about payments or non-urgent situations after hours. Please contact your RM during business hours for these issues, to be sure we keep the emergency line free for real emergency situations. Thanks you!

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