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The cultural gaps we face are part of what make the hosting experience so rewarding. However, sometimes they make for a difficult time. These cultural guides are meant to help hosts understand where their students are coming from - literally and figuratively.

The information presented here is a collection of experiences from our team at CHI, our network of hosts, and in some cases online resources. They are not meant to be taken as conclusive statements about persons of any nationality, they are simply a collection of observations and experiences. Feel free to add your own pointers. You can email them to us, or post them directly on the wiki pages. This is a section we want to develop with your help!

We are pleased to refer hosts to a wonderful tool put together by the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs & International Trade (DFAIT). With this tool, you can learn about the culture, communication style, and many other traits of nearly any nationality. Have a look!

A summary of first-hand impressions of Canada & Canadians by students from around the world: whatdootherssee.pdf

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